The End Of (My) Time

This website holds the best of my scratchings, engraved in multi-media formats such as PDF, HTML, CSS, MP3, MP4 and JPG. Strickly a hobbiest, a mid-level talent (if that much), banging away in cheerful oblivion for so many years, this website is my cathartic release, my toy, my passion.

Even though JPWillisnitz is a dot com there never has been any attempt at commercialism concerning either the site or contents. If I was to try selling anything I'd probably be embarrassed.

But passions wane, old men enter their final dotages and the great visions that once ignited the creative fire now seem like naught but boring chores, and if they are as chores to me then 'tis unlikely to be anything more to the world. My studio remains at the ready, ideas still curl around this old man's brain and there will likely be more creations rolling down the pike but the urgency has diminished, the fires are banked and even the simple stuff requires great effort.

I don't do SEO other than a few meta-keywords but it is hoped that those few who stumble across my little site enjoy the stories, music, images, my EveOnline experience and, in time, commentaries from an old man. And you may even want to check out the Site News, one of the new additions to the site.

The End