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With age one's aspirations change, from tilting at windmills to simply sitting alone, staring into space and thinking deep thoughts. My current mantra, to fly quietly under the radar, to sip sparingly of life's small joys until the inevitable end, seems to fit this close to final stage of my life.


And yeah, so much for the philosophy. Having said all that, well, this is yet another in a long series of site designs, not all that different from each other, all heavy with primary colors and written in basic HTML/CSS, which is about all I can muster.

Date: 11/22/14

Uploaded two new videos to my YouTube channel: RatKill! featuring one of my Eve Online characters off on a rat kill, Streets being my latest music video. I don't particularly like the music video but I uploaded it anyways as it just might make the next one look better.

Date: 11/20/14

Some of the old stuff remains, a few photos, a few examples of long ago CGI and a link to my YouTube channel. The new stuff includes three short stories (more to come) and a page devoted to my adventures in Eve Online, one of those massive online things where we all do our level best to blow up each other's stuff. Lots of fun.

New stuff coming down the pipe include more videos featuring my adventures in Eve Online, more music, more stories and, in time, commentary videos. My art continues it's mediocre plod through cyberspace, secure in it's purpose as cathartic release for me rather than any pretense of entertainment for yon masses...