From The Beginning Of Tyme
The Universe Existed Without Me.
Then, For The Briefest Of An Eyeblink,
The Universe Existed with Me.

Welcome To My Toybox!

Site Update: 2/2/2014

After expending prodigous amounts of life-span learning how to code drop-down menus for my new NavBar, and then more time/effort modifying said code for my purposes, and then after uploading the new code to the server, I came to the somewhat horrified conclusion that I simply did not like it. So off with it's head, the code is dead, long live the new code.

Oh, yeah: The box up top with the little "From the beginning of tyme" bit is coded in the Harrington font, if you don't have the Harrington font on your computer then your browser will display it in whatever font it deems appropriate; so get cool and download the Harrington font. (There should be a link, one day soon I may even research it and provide one.)

I built this site using Firefox as my check browser, as Firefox is my default browser. Chrome pretty well displays the site as designed while Safari and Internet Explorer renders the site a bit smaller. Easy to fix, just use Control + to get it where you want it.

Site Update: 1/26/2014

This version of my little website will be a decidedly minimalist setup as, with age, the drama of life becomes a sort of boring background buzz that neither me nor you care all that much about.

What this means is that the past is just a memory, and what really matters is the future.

At sixty-nine I was searching around for one last "Grand Adventure", and no, not a bucket list, as I've done about all I've ever wanted to do, and the things I haven't, well, maybe they are better left undone.

Things I considered was maybe buy another scooter and ride to Sturgis, dust off my pilots license, buy an old airplane and finish up like the brothers in "Second Hand Lion", make it to "Burning Man" or actually go to all the NASCAR races. All considered, and all discarded as being way too much of a "Grand Adventure".

Thing I finally settled on was to dust off my guitars, tweak the hardware/software in my little recording studio and set out to build up my YouTube channel, with music videos, in-game videos and maybe a few commentary videos. This is a much better deal, as it's relatively cheap (I'm poor, and into cheap!), and there is no traveling. I've been traveling my whole life and if I never leave South Carolina again I'll die happy.