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This video arose out of some experimental stuff I was doing with different things doing different things. All this was some years ago but I happened to watch it a few days ago, liked it so decided to give the old thing a new home.



Honey Bun Mtn

Honey Bun Mountain

This music video is an absolute lyrical failure. Music Creator 6 (No Touch) allows 32 tracks and I used them all and then some, having to bounce 32 down to 8 tracks. Video was worse as I recorded every aspect of the project, MIDI controller, keyboards, acoustic, electric, bass, all of it. But come mixdown the cutting room floor was knee deep in unused media as I used but three video tracks and the audio mix. But the main failure was the words did not equal the vision, the only time I got close was in the last line of mine (before the dancing lady, who wishes to remain anonymous) where I mumble "Failed poet that I am/dreams fading in the sand".


Last Man Alive

Last Man Alive Last Day Alive

Not a happy tune what with the end of the whole damned world theme running strong through the piece but what can I say? Between batshit crazy shooters going around killing people and our global leaders just a hair away from launching every nuke we got just to see if they still work I feel less safe now than when under fire in Vietnam all those long years ago.