Site News


I finished one new song (Fate) but then needed a new video page for it so cleaned up an old loser (Filler) just so I could have two songs on the new Video 4 Page.


A little redesign work, I moved all the flight simulator videos to their own little threadlike path whilst shifting the remaining Misc Vids around to sort of make everything fit. Along the way I pretty well destroyed all the links to where ever so instead of rebuilding all the little links to where ever I simply deleted the accompanying post. A bit draconiam but effective, especially for an old man slowly descending into the terminal laziness that seems to be an attribute of aging.


Think I'm going to create a new, official music genre: Grumpy Old Man. Seems like I've been getting more and more of these end of my time songs and not really seeing an end, unless of course I meet my end. Life: Fail? is all about some old guy (Not me!) who realizes not only that he has yet to set the world on fire but 'tis unlikely he ever will. Hey, man, deal with it, there are millions more in the same boat.


Just a little test; Go-Daddy sent me an email all about the changes in publishing to our web sites so hence this little blurb. Probably write over this on my next post. The next post? Yeah, well, I'm working on it.


Sometimes when you go to write something it takes on a life and direction all on it's own and the alleged writer/creator pretty well just hangs on for the ride. Such was the case for unTitled. Enjoy.

One other thing; getting kind of crowded in here, so from now on I'll link directly to the content instead of just to the page. Will I go back and change all the links? Doubt it, I just learned the Named Anchor thing and I'm so proud of myself but not that proud.


Went through an Eve Menopause or something, unhappy with my 7 characters, 2 corps and all my stuff so bio-massed the lot and was going to unsub then have CCP delete all three of my accounts. Only thing was after the first night, in between the bio-massing and the deletions, I missed the whole deal so decided against the unsub and delete all notion and basically started over as a shiny faced noob. This video, "Broken Mission", grew out of one of my new characters going through the noob tutorial missions, and I think this one was broken.


There is a new Commentary video sporting the rather saucy title of Things That Piss Me Off: Part One. Getting to be a bit crowded in there, you'll have to scroll down to find this gem. In other news there is a new song written, rewritten and then tweaked a bit but not yet recorded and with any luck should be on site in a week or two, or maybe three.


Been out of it for a while, dealing with some old guy medical issues which led to a serious writer's block but I got it going on once again. "Heaven Is High" ain't all that great but it's mine and like an underperforming child you still got to love it.


Uploaded a short bit of a video to the Eve Video Page demonstrating my own little game play style in Eve Online. More stuff in the pipeline but not quite ready yet. I also corrected a couple back links that I just noticed today.


I nearly did not upload "Honey Bun Mtn" as it pretty well fails to make any sense, clearly I missed the point on whatever it was I was attempting to say. But it was so bad that it sort of drew me in. Oh yeah, there is a heavily edited, sort of not really dressed dancing lady in the video, probably the reason I sort of like this video. Full disclosure: The female singing voices are actually me, courtesy of Helicon Voice Works. You can find this little stinker here in Vid 3.


There was a song I wanted to upload but I needed a new page so found four more songs, created Set Four then uploaded the lot (5 songs).


When does corruption become part of our culture? That's the question the new video uploaded to the Commentary Page asks. I also deleted two videos that, in my opinion, were no longer relevant.


Two new Commentary videos, "Space Aliens: Why There're Not Coming And We're Not Going" and "The Big Bang Theory, Not The TV Show" whose content is pretty well explained in their titles. Enjoy, agree or not.


Some would call the new short story edgy, some would call it brutal realism; I just call it nasty. Posted in the Stories Page in two parts, Tap And The Bitch is what happens when your muse gets stoned out of it's mind and falls into somebody's open septic tank.



Two music videos, one old and one new. The old one (Throb) is a mashup of pretty what ever I could lay my hands on one day way back when, things like keyboards, CGI, drum machines and even WMP visuals. The new one is a depressing End Of The World thing that I guess just had to get out. Both videos are on the spanking new Vid 3 page.


I ran across this old video, my very first music video, in fact, so uploaded it to Prototype1. It ain't much but it has it's moments.


Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are the two biggest strikes against the American Homeland. With the state of the world today and with technology in a race to provide ever cheaper major strike hardware/software (Think Drones on steroids!) to anyone with the money it can only be a matter of time before the next attack. See what I think about all this on the Comment page.


Uploaded a new music video: "Louie". You can find it on the Vid 2 page. I liked the cover image so much I uploaded a full size version to the Images page.


Talking Heads Number Two uploaded to my Comments Page, all about past and present governance and it's continuing failures. Will we ever get it right? Doubtful.


Uploaded two more videos to my Misc Videos page, Chicago Prowlers and Carolina Whisperjet, both awesome videos but made even better with my music. Seriously. Really.


Back when I was YouTubing, flying flight simulators, driving racing sims and a few other serious time-sinks I video captured a bunch of this stuff, edited it into riveting video productions then pretty well forgot about the lot of them. But then the idea occurred that hey, that Stuff would look good on the web site so I dusted'em off, reformatted and began uploading them to the site. OK, only two for now, but more will follow. Enjoy.


I gathered up a bunch of songs written years ago and languishing unplayed deep in the depths of my computer's file structure. There are more but I skimmed the top five, called them Set Three and hereby present them to you for your listening enjoyment. They are worth every bit of what you paid (Uh, nothing) for them so enjoy.


The beginning of my "Talking Heads" opinion series debuts with it's intro. Not much to look at now but could, in time, grow into something approaching viability. Or maybe get me arrested for seditious writings. Hey, Tom Payne did it, why not me?


The old year comes to it's grinding end while new content graces the pages of this web site.

We have two new videos, "Wrinkles", a music video, "Big Fight At M-DEE8", an Eve Online video.


A new thing, this site news page. This is where I jot down what was added, or taken away, or was changed, and when all that took place. As you may have figured out this new feature is more for my benefit than for any casual visitors that stumble across the site.

This site news page is not the only new thing to grace the pages of JPW; there are five new music videos and their associated pages, images and video files. Further, yet another page expands on my Eve experience along with two videos showing a short slice of life in the Eve 'Verse.

More on the music videos: Already posted were "California Bound", "Lies", "Stackers" and "My Little Life". Uploaded over this weekend were "Dude", "Fragments", "Dirty Wings" and "Streets".

And this concludes the first of (hopefully) many entries. As time goes by and changes, additions, deletions and all that happen we'll get to see where I'm going with this and perhaps even a look inside this old man's head.