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(Set Five)


There was a time in my life when I was pretty well what the song described. I've improved my lot since then, some, just not a whole lot.


Gap Through Time

One of those songs that make perfect sense to me as I lived it, but to the rest of humanity 'tis possible it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Won't be the first or the last time I've tasted the bitterness of the failed poet.


Name Gone

Never really seriously considered it, just another attempt to piss the bitch off.


Hot Chocolate

I stumbled across an internet video featuring this beautiful beyond belief naked young lady dancing on her bed but the music sucked big time. So I wrote this, remixed the video and the world became a happier place. It's all about the art.


Life Sux

Sometimes you just got to make that decision to break away from a crappy situation. And yes, I have rode my scooter all night long on the way to LA.