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(Set Four)


After a year and a half incountry Vietnam I wasn't really tuned into anything but booze and broads, with way more booze than broads. It was only years later that I realized if I'd gone to Woodstock instead of Vietnam I'd probably picked up a guitar years earlier, and instead of being a burned out trucker I'd have been a burned out rock star.


My Girlfriend

Although never married I've had a few relationships, mostly bizarre, tortuous and painful things that never ended well. Probably where this song came from.


Coming Home

This song is short (43 Secs) and is not really a whole song at all but just a short piece in the second Space Battleship Arcadia video located in Flight Sim Page 1. The thing sat unwatched for years until one day I did, and then I couldn't get the thing out of my head. So I uploaded the video then the song. Enjoy.


My Girlfriend (Long Version)

I don't really know how I wound up with two versions of this song, the long version has a bit more in the middle (Uh, Lizard) and a different ending.


Fantasy Love

Several ways to look at this, probably shouldn't.