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(Set Three)

Old Protest Singer

The inspiration for this song was a real protest singer, rich and really really famous and who shall remain nameless here because he is one hell of an artist and probably not like this at all.


Old Guy's Goodby

I recorded this years ago but if you listen closely you can feel the dementia approaching on stealthy wings. Not for the Kiddies, lotsa bad words and this deep meta-nuance of unwholesomeness that pervades the piece.


Disposable Lies

First the marketeers corrupted Television then a few years later committed the same crime upon the Internet. And we the people lapped it up and demanded more.


Cartoon Cowboy

This is not me, I could never be that guy but sometimes you just wonder: What if?


Broken Child

I lived this, most of it, anyways. The parts I didn't I knew kids that did. Enough said.