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(Set Two)

End Of The Line

For that brutal moment when Truth destroys all illusions and you know that the one thing you desire more than life itself can never be yours.


Dance Of The Gay Frogs

My only instrumental, born out of scale practice, back in the day when I could both hold a pick in fingers and play scales. Unsure where the title came from; don't know any frogs personally.


The Dude

A farm boy, working hard from daylight to dark, all week long. At the end of the week he gets paid, then heads for town, gets something else, rhymes with paid.


Magic Mirror

I wrote this back in the day before those kinds of feelings were burnt out of me.


Mother Paranoia

Note: Parental Warning! Obscenity, profanity, deviant concepts, bad things happening. But no animals were harmed in the production of this song.