Talmadge Bridge

Crossing the Savannah River on the Talmadge Bridge with wildfires burning fifty miles to the south. Photoshop helped bring that out.


There is an online game I play and this is my purpose built Eve Command Center. Is this fun? At the moment I couldn't say, check back with me in a couple years.


I'm absolutely positive there was a good reason for all this but the memories dim with age.


Another illustration for a short story created in DAZ Studio.


Out of DAZ Studio, yet another illustration for one of my stories. I had to chop it up so's to fit both in the story and the link to the story, but here it is in it's full-sized glory.

Stumbling about the kitchen, making morning coffee, thinking the coffee pot looked like a space ship. Mornings are not my best times.

Cover image for my video "Louie". It was not the image I had in mind but it was the one that screamed "Pick Me!". After a bit of massaging in PhotoShop and Camera Raw it was deemed worth of placement here, the place where the "Good Stuff" goes.


I created this frontispiece illustration for one of my short stories in DAZ Studio. Strangely enough one of the main characters is a dragon. Amazing.


I created this design for a specific purpose that I've quite forgotten, but it comes in handy as a filler image.


Back in the mid-eighties I rode this bike from Charleston, SC to Los Angeles, then got homesick and rode the damned thing back to Charleston.


Rusty snapped it then I played with it in Camera Raw. Once airborne something a bird does not want to see.


Yet another vidcap, this one from my music video "Prime". A little this, a little that in Photoshop and Camera Raw and I decided the end result would look smashing here with my other masterpieces. Yeah.


Absolutly amazing, these 3D TVs. Looks like Jar Jar and Elmo are right there in the room with me. Awesome!


South Carolina Snow Job Aftermath; or when the boss bought my excuse for not coming to work that day. Thirty minutes to thaw it all out for a two minute drive? Why not walk, you say? I'm 73, my longest walk is from the house to the car. Besides: Snow!


A vidcap from a long ago animation project. I'm sure there was a valid artistic motivation behind her scantily clad figure but it's been a long time and I forget.


I don't know, maybe everybody goes through a cloud phase. I'm just glad I waited for the digital revolution to wash over us before I snapped all those cloud images. Can you imagine the cost of all that film?


Just me, the bike and all that...


Something I did either in C4D or Carrara, I can't remember which.


Leftover from a previous iteration of this site I felt it deserved a spot here, with the rest of my favored images. Or the ones I can display within the bounds of my culture, anyways.


Just because you can think it doesn't mean you should do it. Jar Jar and Elmo, along with a knight in tarnished armor, in space? I just don't know.