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Me And Dorian

It was an all nighter, Dorian and I. She was fresh from pounding the living hell out of the Bahamas and now she was coming our way. Luckily for us she was a bit too far off the coast to hurt us but she huffed and she puffed but couldn't quite blow the house down. But she blew hard enough to knock a few thousand trees down and that meant 72 hours without power. But we made it through the night and I couldn't feel too sorry for myself as every time I did my thoughts went to the poor folks in the Bahamas who were dealing with way more issues than we were.


Hearts Addict!

Although I've never played Hearts with real live people over the years I've been playing against a long line of computers, with the glaring exception of this latest build featuring Windows 10. For now I'm using the last of my Win7 machines to play, as they fade away I'll have some decisions to make. This video is more me playing with Sony Vegas than me playing Hearts, and yeah, I think I won.



Awesome Chess Game

I do not have a clue as to where or when I had this game on my computer. Over the years as I've built computers to more or less keep up with advancing tech there are programs, or apps as they are called nowadays, that have simply gotten lost in the shuffle. I'm not a chess player, but I loved the visuals in this game so therefore hence the video. Enjoy.