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Goose In The Canyon

I have a soft spot for gnarly old airplanes and the Grumman Goose pretty well buries the appreciation needle. So hey, they say the fish are biting in the bottoms, let's go check it out.




Attack On Dark Angel Keep

This video could've went anywhere as I haven't much faith in human nature (Commentary), my music is all over the thing (Music), or here, in Misc Vids. This one happened several years ago before I ran out of the patience that CGI demands.


Arcadia One

Space Battleship Arcadia One

Back in the dark days of recession and tight money flight simulator add-ons were a bit too rich for my battered wallet so free was about the best I could do. But the Space Battleship Arcadia, though free, could hold her own with the expensive toys.



Hard Racing In Tokyo

It was close but my faithful McClaren edged the leader out at the end. Paint job took a beating but that's why we have painters. Painters need work, too.




HotLanta HotShots!

Yes, I could go on and on about how much work these videos are but I'd be lying on this one; it was pretty much super charged, pure, unadulterated and kiss my grits fun. Another one that was done a few years back and languishing in deep cyber storage until freed to live forever on the Internet. Or as long as I do, anyways. Or maybe a bit longer.


Arcadia 2

Space Battleship Arcadia Two

Space Battleship Arcadia returns home after six months doing her pirate thing. She returns home to music, fanfare and an escort from her support crew, who are hoping mightily that today might just be payday, as it's been six months since the last one.