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Wild Lap At The Nurburgring

A wild one lap in the legendary Nurburgring. No music, just the cockpit view in my Pagani Zonda is wild enough to hold your attention. Never mind how many attempts were made before I achieved a crash free lap, I finally got it done. Not the prettiest driving in the world but we made it through with just a few scratches to the paintwork. This thing is eight minutes, if you don't have eight minutes to spare then don't start watching it as you may be late for whatever it was you had planned.



Attack On Dark Angel Keep

This video could've went anywhere as I haven't much faith in human nature (Commentary), my music is all over the thing (Music), or here, in Misc Vids. This one happened several years ago before I ran out of the patience that CGI demands.



Flying To Then Racing At Alpental

We flew into our secret airstrip then took our secret tunnel to the race track at Alpental. We were late getting there, had to hurry up and get the car out on the track, no practice laps and that contributed to our poor showing in the race. But the post race party was awesome and we did not fly home in the deepening sunset alone.



Carolina Snow Job!

After eight years at sea in the US Navy and thirty-three years as a long haul trucker I've seen all the snow I care to see. So when it snows all over my southern home I get a little cranky. And yeah, the music is one of mine, originally the music part of a rather naughty music video that happened back when I did that sort of thing and could still hold a pic in my fingers.