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Over the years I've accumulated a number of videos, from flight simulators to racing simulators to trailers for my now defunct YouTube channel (Hacked by the Russians, deleted the lot then HTML5 happened). So all these videos, what to do? Slice'em, dice'em, reformat and load'em here, for our (your and my) enjoyment.



HotLanta HotShots!

Yes, I could go on and on about how much work these videos are but I'd be lying on this one; it was pretty much super charged, pure, unadulterated and kiss my grits fun. Another one that was done a few years back and languishing in deep cyber storage until freed to live forever on the Internet. Or as long as I do, anyways. Or maybe a bit longer.




This video doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it is visually enchanting. There again I used a lot of software that I could not now explain exactly how I did all this but it must've been fun. I stole a lot of music (mine!) and used it all here and there, bits and pieces and hey, it kind of works out OK. Enjoy.



Microsoft's Legendary FS9 Glitch

Back many years ago I spent a few hundred hours in Microsoft's flight simulators and one of my flights featured the famous "Finger" glitch located somewhere in the South American country of Guyana. I didn't discover the glitch, I read about it in a forum somewhere, but I did build an airport on the thing. I used a lot of software that quite frankly I can't even remember using, much less how I did all that way back in time where/when my mind still actually functioned.