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Over the years I've accumulated a number of videos, from flight simulators to racing simulators to trailers for my now defunct YouTube channel (Hacked by the Russians, deleted the lot then HTML5 happened). So all these videos, what to do? Slice'em, dice'em, reformat and load'em here, for our (your and my) enjoyment.



Chicago Prowlers

The video itself is super cool but I was wailing with my guitar all the way through. I never did write down the chord progression or anything approaching professional activity so this is the only copy of that little bit of musical history in existance. Yes, I know I could work it out but seems like I never have the time for actual work.



Goose In The Canyon

I have a soft spot for gnarly old airplanes and the Grumman Goose pretty well buries the appreciation needle. So hey, they say the fish are biting in the bottoms, let's go check it out.



Arcadia One

Space Battleship Arcadia One

Back in the dark days of recession and tight money flight simulator add-ons were a bit too rich for my battered wallet so free was about the best I could do. But the Space Battleship Arcadia, though free, could hold her own with the expensive toys.



Carolina Whisperjet

This is a long video (9 minutes!) and usually I can find something to cut, but not this time. I liked everything in it too much to take a knife to any of it so long it is and long it stays. Further, this video also has my music, said music nowhere to be found except here in this paean to the old 727. There is a memory, hoary with age, that maybe it was a 727 that carried me to Vietnam, and then, a year and a half later, brought me home. Not so sure about that one.




Had this idea to buy one of those remote control model airplanes (this was before the quadcopter) but figured to get some experience flying before I bought it. I never bought one, you may understand why after watching this video.


Arcadia 2

Space Battleship Arcadia Two

Space Battleship Arcadia returns home after six months doing her pirate thing. She returns home to music, fanfare and an escort from her support crew, who are hoping mightily that today might just be payday, as it's been six months since the last one.