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Click in the image for a larger version of my Eve Command Center.



Big Fight At M-DEE8!

CCP had hyped this thing for a week or so before the big day so I figured what the hell, let's go grab some awesome video. Over seven hundred ships in system when I finally found the right Keepstar, five thousand present for the first server crash and that was pretty well it for me. But I did manage to get some pretty video.

Eve Online Img

Eve: Why Am I Even Here?

The day after Christmas, 2014, I downloaded the Eve trial and after a tumultuous noob experience I got it sorted out to where I thought I could do this thing. I eventually decided I needed more accounts, then I needed more computers to run these accounts so I embarked upon a computer building spree that eventually gave me three identical fairly high end computers that could run my three Eve Online accounts.

Currently I command seven characters, two female, two black the rest white, like me. They belong to two corporations, all except one that I left in his noob corp as sometimes I don't want the things he does to reflect on my two player owned corps.

No master of PvP my activities revolve around mining, salvaging, worm hole diving for exotic ores, Planetary Interaction, manufacturing and the occasional buy low here/sell high there thing that rarely actually works.




Eve My Way

If I can get away with it I try to stay away from PvP as I'm not really that much of a combat pilot. Thing is, operating in null/lo-sec tends to attrack PvP situations so I'm always faced with a flight/fight decision. My favored reaction in these instances if it looks like an easy kill take it, if it looks like anything close to a fair fight then run like hell. I'm more of a skulker, sneaking in, do my thing then sneak out. Hey, works for me.

A Couple Videos, For Now.

Maybe More Later...


Gate Camp Off Oulley

A whole bunch of kills right next door, so curious, I flew a shuttle out just to see what I could see.



Rat Kill!

Early in my career, perhaps an over active libido when I designed this character. Hell on rats, though.




Broken Mission?

A new character, running him through all the noob tutorial missions more for the free stuff than any other reason. But this mission never did work out, and I really don't know if it was me or just a ghost in the machine.