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Click in the image for a larger version of my Eve Command Center.

Eve Online Img

Eve Online

Addictive Time Sink

Somewhere in London (UK) a massive server hums gently in a darkened cavern, the gentle hum resolving into the occasional screech or deep bass thump as the feral inhabitants contained within wage ruthless, murderous war against anything that looks like it might move. They fight against their own, others and even the giant, immortal and uncaring server itself as they lie, steal, betray, scam ,spam, kill and con all who exist within.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from all over the planet, rich, poor, upper/lower class and all in between, they come by the thousands to do ferocious battle in the Eve Universe. They fight, they die, they rise from the dead to fight again then labour in furious effort to rebuild thier shot-up cyber fleets so they can do it all over again.


Eve Online Img Eve Online Img Eve Online Img