Caution: Radical Thought Processes May Occur Without Warning!

Warning! No "Safe Spots"! Deal With It!

Opinions are like bellybuttons; everybody has at least one, and these are my opinions, thoughts and comments.

Topics I intend to expound upon include all the obvious ones such as global warming, global politics (related?), religion, racial diversity, failed governance and technological advances. The lunatic fringe will be amply represented by life after death, religion (what, again?), space aliens and why they are not coming, the ridiculously short human life span and why humanity is not a viable species.

Throughout these comments my viewpoint, perspective, spin, whatever, may shift from pole to pole and whilst thinking of this a little poem dropped awash in angst from my fevered brow:


Note: Yes, I know I mis-spelled Communist and I was going to fix it but my artistic muse demanded it be left alone. Can't fight the muse, man.



Talking Heads 01, An Intro

In over seventy years I've seen a lot of stuff, some of it cool, some of it horrible and some of it just plain damn foolish. The opinions formed in my journey have been fluid, changing with whatever demographic I happened to be in. The child thinks different from the young man, who thinks different from his middle-aged successor who thinks less clearly than the old man, whose opinions tend to be, by default, the most thought out.

In this, my Talking Heads series, I'll endeavor to share an old man's outlook on the human condition in all it's glory and idiocy. Note that the operative word is share, and not convince, as one of the most endearing human attributes is to form wildly varying opinions from identical variables.

It's just the way we are.



USA Gov: Radical Thoughts

I don't care what the media or the rest of the world says, USA is my home, and in my considered opinion the best place on the planet for me to live. But there are problems, both already here and fast approaching, all of which will demand radical and way out of the box solutions.

These are some of mine, there are more roiling about somewhere in the vicinity of my brain, perhaps in time I'll let them out for all to see.

I am, after all, an idea guy, the tricky part is culling the ones that should never, ever, see the light of day.



Space Aliens: Why There're Not Coming

Star Trek, Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Serenity and even ET story lines all depend on a back story that Man and other sentients all have access to some sort of transport that whisks heros and villains alike easily and quickly across the unimaginable distances between the stars. There is no such transport, there will never be such transport, so all we and all the other droolers can do is stare across the vast empty light years and dream.



Things That Piss Me Off: Part One

We live in a society of laws, and although there are many laws and people who break them I try not to break any of the serious ones, like shooting people who piss me off. I don't do that tweet thing either but I do have a web site. My web site is firmly situated alongside one of the many roads less traveled, as in pretty well nobody comes here,so that allows me a certain cathartic venting, secure in the knowledge that even if a visitor arrives who disagrees with these commentaries there are no comment pages where one can vent back. So yeah, I'm pissed, and here's why.



Governance: Fail!

Not the most polished presentation and there are things I left out as this thing was already at eight minutes. There will be a follow-up video at some time in the near future focusing on my radical ideas for the reformatting of these United States Of America. Stay tuned.



Pearl Harbor/9-11/????

We never saw Pearl Harbor nor 9/11 coming but come they did with horrific consequences for the American people. The media, especially the American media, are whipping the winds of anti-American hatred to a fever pitch so it's just a matter of time before the Next Big Thing.


Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory, Not The TV Show

This particular video was a left over, or maybe a survivor, from an earlier iteration of this web site. It's shot in a different format, and having seen this I may use it from time to time along with the other format. But this is my take on the Big Bang, and no, we're not talking about the TV show. I have no evidence, nothing but logical thought, but then that's about all the other theories have. Nobody I know was there so we don't have any cellphone footage to prove this thing one way or the other.



Corruption: When Does It Become Culture?

With the advent of super, multinational corporations and the consequent dehumanization of corporate policy the concept of "Honor" has evaporated like the morning mist in the hot morning sun. Now its "Maximum Profit No Matter The Cost" and that means neither honesty nor honor has a place in modern corporate dealings; it's simply not sufficiently profitable. So when do our corrupt business practises become encysted, rolled into the fabric of, our culture?